Land Management


As a full-service production company, Waco acquires leases for oil and gas purposes, provides or contracts the services necessary for development of the properties, then manages and operates the producing wells.  In addition to using existing acreage, the company’s land department continually acquires and prepares oil and gas properties for future development.

Managed by Steve Holloway, the Waco land department consists of many qualified and experienced individuals, possessing adequately diverse skills to handle multiple projects, forming a cohesive team that is second to none in the Appalachian Basin. The land department is responsible for all land related operations, rights-of-way, acquisition, and delay-rental payments, as well as tracking the permit process through from beginning to end. This includes management of land owner relations while assuring Waco compliance with all state, federal, and environmental agency laws and regulations.

From initial record room searches, to lease replications, site selections, and permit acquisition, the Waco land department team works to meet the ever growing demand for drilling programs, while managing Waco’s growing inventory of timberland, and commercial properties.

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